Baukunst Galerie, Köln, Germany 2008 and Children of the Revolution Cosmic Sex Poem 2009

Baukunst Galerie, Köln, Germany  2008

video of opening at Baukunst Galerie

introduction talk by Ulrike Jagla-Balnkenburg at the opening

Paul Pagk wall intervention @ Exhibition on 211 Elizabeth Street
June 9th to June 12th

Exhibition is a temporary (six months) independent, art initiative located in a vacant storefront at 211 Elizabeth street in New York. Exhibition offers an experimental and contradictory artistic and curatorial approach. Only a continuous single exhibition will be shown during this six months project. Initiators: Elena Bajo, Eric Anglès, Jakob Schillinger, Nathalie Anglès and Warren Neidich.

1. The work is an intervention upon interventions.
2. The work belongs to no one and is not for sale.
3. The work can be modified, parasitized and destroyed.

1. The artist is drawn from a hat.
2. The artist agrees to these rules in conversation on-site.
3. The artist works in areas determined by a roll of dice.

1. The site hosts a single unfolding exhibition.
2. The site is a vacant storefront at 211 Elizabeth Street in New York.
3. The site is open to the public March to August 2009, Wednesday to Sunday

  • EXHIBITION 211 Elizabeth Street